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Welcome to the Sophie Knowledge App for pharmaceutical and healthcare professionals.

About the app

The Sophie App is a powerful yet simple to use tool to help you stay on top of what is relevant to you and nothing else. Sophie is your personal business and technology intelligence tool to increase your productivity, free you from the daily bombardment of irrelevant information, and give you the edge to stay ahead of the game.

While intuitive and easy to use, under the hood Sophie packs powerful search technology harvesting and organising information from thousands of carefully selected sources relevant to your specific field. Via a simple configuration menu, Sophie allows you to create "insights" or visual knowledge maps of the specific information you are interested in. The "insights" not only give you and instant picture of what is happening but also allow you to navigate, browse and access the information effortlessly.


Want to stay updated on career opportunities? Sophie filters thousands of opportunities from multiple sources to show you the jobs that are relevant just to you. Simply create a new Insight dedicated only to Jobs and Sophie will do the work for you.

Configure and store up to three different "insights" at any point in time

Content types include News, Science, Patient Opinion, Resources and Jobs

Information sources include Web, Blogs, Video, Podcasts and Twitter

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